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She cried and apologized to a young woman who was sexualized comparing her to her.

Mia Khalifa she is one of the best-known actresses in the industry. However, the current influencer and sports commentator, left the field after receiving death threats by the daesh terrorist group and, also, after forming a critical opinion against these productions for adults.

A few days ago, Mia posted a video reacting to the record of a young woman who says that at the age of 13 he stopped wearing his glasses after being compared to her.

The model also reacted very affected, breaking down in tears, and writing next to the video: “I’m so sorry. I no longer wear (glasses) for this reason.”

@miakhalifa##duet with @oreo_mlkshake I’m so sorry. I don’t wear them anymore for this reason.♬ c i g a r e t t e d a y d r e a m s – ᴀᴜᴅɪᴏs ☠︎︎

“The guilt is devastating. I wish I could protect every girl from the male gaze. I know how it feels when men harass you in public. It kills me that other girls have the same thing just because they look like me.“, responded to the comment of one of his followers.

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The registration even prompted a movement in support of Khalifa, titled “#WeSupportYouMia“, in which several people were recorded exculpating the former actress from comments that sexualize women wearing glasses.

Check out some of the messages of support for Mia Khalifa:

@lanita_____#wesupportmiakhalifa #feminismo #xzybcaシ #women #onlyseventeen #apoyo #lentes #uruguay♬ c i g a r e t t e d a y d r e a m s – ᴀᴜᴅɪᴏs ☠︎︎
@g0reshitttMia, you look beautiful with glasses. none of this is your fault. @miakhalifa #WeSupportYouMia #miakhalifa #feminismo #abolicionismo #lgbt♬ c i g a r e t t e d a y d r e a m s – ᴀᴜᴅɪᴏs ☠︎︎
@zoorne.theyarenotherit’s not your fault&lt3 ##miakhalifa ##wesupportmiakhalifa ##wesupportyoumia♬ original sound – zoorne.theyarenother

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