she dares to take on the red bikini on Instagram !


Maddy Burciaga together a souvenir from his trip to Miami. The bomb appears in a bikini on the beach. What crazy users !

Maddy Burciaga has made, the temperature rises on Instagram ! The young woman took the pose on a beautiful beach in Miami. And the result is ultra sexy ! We let you discover…

There are a couple of days, Maddy Burciaga is granted a vacation in Miami. The star, therefore, has dream of his fans with his photos. Between his days on the beach and its meetings, the shopping, the beautiful blonde, readers charmed readers ! I must say that his photos are always extremely sexy !

Maddy was nice to be back in Germany, this is still hopes of his supporters, with his memories. In fact, it has just published a new photo of her on the beach of Miami. So we can discover the beautiful bikini-red. The bomb is posing on a deck chair’, and its plastic dream.

His trunks red met perfectly your curves value. Maddy Burciaga adorns your sexy look with the sunglasses in a retro look. And it is canon ! The user does not have to be able to resist the charm of the young woman.

Maddy Burciaga in Miami: she dares to take on the red bikini on Instagram !

Maddy Burciaga sultry in a bikini : you inflamed Instagram !

The users are more than 110 000 liker photo sexy Maddy Burciaga. But that’s not all ! The bomb has a hundred compliments. “Wow, that’s a bomb “,“Too beautiful “, “Still so sexy “, “A real star “ so as you can read in the comments.

The former contestant of the reality tv show makes still agree ! In fact, there is not a day that goes by that Maddy do, to talk about it ! And all the pictures of him are of the “buzz” on the canvas ! Incredible !

Maddy Burciaga also talk about yourself in order to love life ! And for good reason : she has decided to back with his ex GMK in spite of their separation ! The young woman also officially announced their reconciliation Instagram. We wish you the best of luck !