She graduated the 1st blind in the pre-university of the School of Music

The artist Fátima Garro finished the academic journey at the UNSJ School of Music. Now he wants to continue with the teaching staff and teach.

The vice rector of the UNSJ, Analía Ponce announced that Fatima Garro is the first blind graduate of the School of Music of this house of higher studies. He affirmed that “she has made the entire academic journey, overcoming all the difficulties that an academic career has.”

That is why “we have to value her personal merits and the goals that she set for herself to finish this cycle.”

The university official stated that “we are congratulated by her but also by the institution that has had its echo in the Music department.”

He noted that “what happened in Fatima are achievements in terms of overcoming difficulties.”

For her part, the singer and brand new graduate of the UNSJ School of Music, Fatima Garro said that “more than anything I want to thank the University Disability Commission that prompted me to study.” He acknowledged that “the first thing I encountered in the School of Music was a you can’t because we are not prepared.” While “the Disability Commission affirmed that“ we can mediate so that they listen to you. From that moment I did not stop anymore and my academic career began ”.

Among the acknowledgments, he named Alejandro Dávila that “for me it was an honor that he was my teacher.” It also had recognition for “the professors Soledad Vega, Ana María Portillo, Hugo Figueroa, Cristina Arellano, Mariana Abaham and César Sánchez.”

On the other hand, he thanked the Municipality of San Martín. “I was working in the area of ​​Culture and they supported me with the permits so that I could study and comply.”

He added that “my idea is to continue with the university career of Music Education, which is the teaching staff. What I have finished is pre-university and also begin to exercise my teaching qualification ”.

Fatima stated that having graduated is an event. “Many blind people entered the Music School and dropped out. For me it is a very special event and above all to open paths in this ”.

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