she has the nerve, the neck very tight ! (PHOTO)


Nabilla went several days in the Maldives with Thomas Vergara. The starlet has cut the pose in a bikini !

Nabilla is a part of only a few days in the Maldives for his birthday. The starlet has to make the opportunity a couple of pictures and shows of sexy bikini in black and cut !


On 5. February Nabilla celebrated the 28-year-old. Thomas Vergara, was a nice surprise, as he offered her a stay in the Maldives. The two stars spent four days on the island and they had a lot of fun. By the way, the starlet another beautiful gift from your husband. In fact, once on the spot, he offered her a handbag Hermes has more than 400 000 dollars ! This gift has made, polemics, and the fans have a lot of clashée.

In spite of the criticism, Nabilla has, if also the location was a good stay in the Maldives. In fact, they enjoyed the beach with your loved one, and the pose in many of the jerseys bathroom. So, a few hours ago, the starlet showed off a photo of your holiday and is in a bikini. Nevertheless, the favorite of Thomas danger is to crack all of his fans, because it is sexy !

Nabilla shows sexy in a swimsuit-black

Nabilla is recently back from the Maldives but also show many pictures, to his fans. So, this last published a snapshot of your in a bikini, a piece of black-and-neck. So you can star a small part of the breast, while he was in a pose sitting in the water. The wife of Thomas seems to be the cliche at sunrise and an idyllic setting. Then the swimsuit accentuates the shapes of the star, and she has created a sensation in the network.

The mother of Milann received a lot of comments with this new photo of her. In fact, his fans are happy to see you in shape and you will love it, your swimsuit. “Your shirt is canon “ a fan said. Then, find many of the new, very nice bikini, and she has a sensation in the Maldives. It is clear that you can cheer yourself up to the support of his fans to him. “You’re beautiful “ another fan said.