She is Ana de Armas, the new Bond girl


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Strong, emotional, vulnerable, and appears in many of his films, and fits in with your personality, little by little his success has grown to become a Bond girl Latin. Cover of Vogue and a career meteoric, now lets see it with Ben Affleck. Will fulfilling their dreams.

Has always been sensitive to the role of women in the life and in the film, contrary to walls, dehumanization, claiming something of compassion in a world where they are the weakest. His career begins in Spain, where he arrives from his native Cuba and works on a series of success, The Internship, in 2007. There forge friendships with actors and friends that still endures.

Continued his career in Hollywood until ten years later, in 2017 he gets the great opportunity Blade Runner 2049, which places him in the orbit of the great actresses, it exceeds the hand-in-hand with Ryan Gosling. Antonio Banderas made the leap to Hollywood without knowing English, they overcame the obstacle and accepted the challenge, to earn the confidence of the great directors.

Didn’t want to do of Mary in the american movies, of Latin reserved for him, the roles of the girl’s service or prostitute. Proud of their Latin roots claimed roles worthy and powerful. For this purpose it was proposed to speak English as if I had been born in Washington, with a good team coach, as he fought in the castings for the lead role.

Ana has said on several interviews that, when you bet on it in “Blade Runner 2049”, I was afraid of not being up to the height, then solventó for the confidence that they gave the director. ·This, however, tends to happen when you respond to a new challenge.” He has worked with Robert de Niro, Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford, Keanu Reeves, and those who know her on the shoot you want to repeat the experience.

“Do not be afraid of anything, or put obstacles, if you do not meet the challenges,” he declares with energy. He confesses that his early years in Los Angeles were not easy, is a city where it is easy to feel alone, the label promise Latin, I will accompany a long time, but is already a reality. I came from a warm environment as Cuba, and then beginning in Spain.

To your next success announced, a Bond girl in the premiere postponed to autumn, he adds another. Will play Marilyn Monroe in Blonde, the biopic of Netflix based on the novel by Joyce Carol Oates. To star alongside Ben Affleck in the adaptation of Patricia Highsmith Deep Water and is almost chosen for Catwoman in The Batman. Is in the highest.

And has merit, its origins are humble. At his home in Cuba was not a video player for watching movies, it was in the house of a cousin who saw Matilda and decided to act like her. He entered the School of interpretation in Cuba and with the time came to do a casting of the Spanish filmmaker Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón, to Cuba, and in the middle of the test it said “you are the chosen one”.

“In Cuba, far thinking that what you have is all you need and that you have to be satisfied with that, but I was always very curious and, why not say it, ambitious. We didn’t have friends or relatives in Miami, Spain was my only option to get out of Cuba,” said the actress at The Forefront.

The only advice given to him by his father before leaving Cuba: “long View, short steps”. Is a woman of courage, has left behind his family, his friends, and his life-two times, chasing their dreams. He left Cuba and left Spain, where she had married the Catalan actor Marc Clotet. Is proud of its scenes shot in No time to die (repeat with Daniel Craig –Knives Out–,) written by Phoebe Waller-Bridge. The scriptwriter of Hollywood, thanks to the three Emmy Awards he won for the series Fleabag.

They say that he was contracted to do the less macho James Bond, but to do less macho to the film. The next fall the whole world will be watching the new 007 in times of #MeToo. All eyes on Ana de Armas. “The james Bond girls have been portrayed for many years as a specific type of woman,” he said, before adding that are typically profiles that “need to be rescued. Or die. Or are evil, so that the interpreter wanted to read the script before accepting the project. It is important, because I want to contribute something more to the story”has commented at different times.

From the age of 14, he was studying at the National Art School of Cuba and at 16 he had gotten his first starring role precisely in a Spanish film, A rose of France, in which he acted alongside Álex González. His character in the series The Boarding school, which catapulted him to fame a generation of young actors as Yon González, Martiño Rivas, Elena Furiase or Blanca Suárez.

Now it is related to the actor Ben Affleck with whom they have shared the project, and stated in the magazine Frames: “The first time we read together the scenes of the movie, I was quite clear that he would do something exceptional with a very complex. His character is the engine of the story and required to move between tragedy and irony, or between realism and humor most absurd. Not only knows how to do it with ease, he also manages to surprise you on every shot. Your talent is infinite.”

Your insolence in the good sense, is great, or Daniel Craig, or Jamie Lee Curtis or Chris Evans manage to eclipsarla in his movie Knives Out. A ribbon that unites the humor and mystery in tribute to the films of Agatha Christie, “I didn’t think that was a comic actress,” he said. Not hiding his feelings for Affleck, and appear together in the nets resting in Costa Rica. Already has nearly two million followers on Instagram.

The long-awaited new Bond girl, Dove in the movie, takes jewel sustainable. The firm Chopard that participates as the official sponsor of No Time To Die, brings brightness to the movie number 25 of James Bond. Ana de Armas, as reported by the prestigious firm of luxury, will bring three models of high-jewelry Collection Green Carpet, which have been manufactured in a respectful manner with the environment. No longer is the simple companion helpless agent, “it is time for women to have papers powerful” has been mentioned.


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