She is exposed to, with the right dress shows too much skin!


With such a beautiful dress, the color of their skin-it appears the star of the colombian Shakira, since we understand it, because Pike continues on and will remain by your side

Shakira and Pique consolidated as one of the couples is well-established in the world of art and entertainment, and it is, without a shadow of a doubt, in addition to physical fitness, there are some details that bind each of the time of this marriage.

The lovely latina has been shown to have a personality that is utterly charming, full of love, and patience, it is clear that this is the one that you have shown to your lovely little kids.

Wearing a checked dress with a fabric with the same color of your skin, it Video totally sexy for the camera and the paparazzi.

It is worth pointing out that his outfit was the small detail of a golden color, which was shining more than usual.

No doubt about it Video it seemed as beautiful as ever, this dress is so poignant to our eyes, is definitely the perfection of the artist, a colombian may not be the greatest.