She is in tights, and throw on a skate board


She is in tights, and throw on a skate board

The world.

Al Bello / Getty Images

Video this is a mother of a very active, playing soccer, and go up to the board. Colombia has a great time in their role as a mother and shows it through Instagram.

Today, She appeared with a red cap, my hair down, with a pair of leggings and a shirt with the logo of Harley-Davidson in the chest. In his hand he held a skateboard in heaven and the year of publication, which has now surpassed 900 thousand likes, you are allowed to write: “Soccer mom, and a skateboard mom!”and this is how it has shown that at the moment, there is no adventure in that you are not willing to share with their children.

Fans of the singer, is said to be happy, now that She seems to be picking up the side of rock. As stated by a user on the network: “I love that she’s back with her look depending 🤘”.

She has already demonstrated in other posts, how do you track it with your child, even when you’re at the gym getting ready for the shows are important, as for the Super Bowl on the last day of the 2nd of February, in Miami, fl.

In the video below, for example, explained how her life as a mother, to Milan, and She’s always around him.

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