she is posing on a Thai beach !


Astrid Nelsia broke out in Thailand ! The beautiful brunette is posing on the beach and in a bikini is very sexy on his account Instagram.

Astrid Nelsia a good time seems to take on the beaches of Thailand ! Proof: since the start of the month of February, the young woman bathed in his account Instagram with photos of her in a bikini very sexy. MCE TV will tell you everything !


Astrid Nelsia know how to enjoy life ! In fact, to see you feed, Instagram, the young woman is not tired of the beaches of Thailand. And for cause, on vacation with their girlfriends, the pretty brunette has good time to rest in the sun. By the way, for stoners max his holidays, the young woman did not hesitate to take with him an army of swimwear. Pictures required !

One-and two-room apartments, yellow or white, step, occurrence or version of a Thong. Since you are on holidays spent down there, Astrid Nelsia flooded so his account Instagram clichés hot as each other. In fact, take the daring poses, the young woman is thoroughly ! By the way, as the last photo in the date of a cliché is, she lolls on the beach of Amari Koh Samui. The young woman appears “easy pizza demand” at its buoy in the red bikini is very sexy ! We love it !

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A publication released Astrid Nelsia 🍜 (@nelsia_astrid) the

Astrid Nelsia in love, in his footballer !

Hot in front of ! The red bikini by Astrid Nelsia a double-Crosser ! To respond, In fact, their fans have undertaken to fast, under the post. I do, kids“,” my wife“,” to nice “or yet” a bomb and very sexy “was interrupted with the cliché of the young woman. Not to mention the cloud of émojis “heart” and “flame” that came up in the comments.

But when Astrid Nelsia the star of the reality seems to be more wanted by Instagram, is his heart, to take even more. As we announced before, the beautiful brunette life beautiful story, dear players per 21-year-old Matheus Vieira. The two meals also the evidence of love, the accomplice on the social networks blows the photos and moments. Too sweet !