She is responsible for the show of cellulite


The famous singer from colombia, Shakira is not only known for its unique sound, but also for her great dancing, and this time it’s criticism through the internet, then you got a photos where can you have the opportunity to cellulite on the lower legs.

The pictures are leaked in the social network Instagram, and She wears a dress-type denim jeans, where to leave the opportunity to the legs that is, for obvious reasons, they are not as perfect as of a few years ago, but even with the lights on espectacularme.

This is something that impacts a lot of many internet surfers, since when you lead a healthy lifestyle and a good exercise for all of them impressed me to see her with cellulite.

Can You have something She is passionate about the two mariachis, dancing in the style of Champeta

This photo caused a lot of reviews where so many people are disappointed and with no hope of in order to have a perfect body because she does not have it.

The picture moved the social network, which had been thousands of thousands of comments on among them, the lack of hope of having a perfect body.

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If She has cellulite, what it is for, And these are some of the best hips and legs in the world? My god, were some of the comments.

Nevertheless, his followers, and a lot of women have started to to defend it when you say you miss being an real woman and don’t think it’s really because of his 43-year-old, with or without the skin, the colombian superstar seems like a the figure in the inevitable.

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I have she gets back to nature, as any normal woman with the spirit as well as its natural beauty and the beautiful in everything you put it to him and it will be perfect,” he said with a follower in the post.

The orange-peel, or cellulite, is a condition very normal in a woman’s body, so that his followers defended themselves, saying that it is something that is completely normal.

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Video impressed by her versatility being a girl who’s not afraid to tackle different genres, from ballad, to pop, and the rhythms of urban, glaring at each and every one of them.