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she is the daughter of renowned actors, voice actress and is married to a dog trainer – Para Ti

Her name became known internationally for her portrayal of Clara Belmonte, in the Spanish period series that leads since its premiere the world ranking of Netflix. She has a long history and is well known, although she keeps her private life protected from public life.

Happened 13 of his 35 years in front of and behind the cameras and is one of the most popular and beloved Spanish actresses by the public, who saw her grow up through the screen. Michelle Jenner Managed create a very special link thanks to the numerous roles in which he worked, one of the most remembered is in the series Paco’s Men (which pore ago premiered its second season) until Isabella the Catholic, a TVE series that reviews the life and personal suffering of one of the most important queens in the history of Spain.

Michelle with a very different look from the one she wears in La Cocinera de Castamar. Photo: IG

Internationally, he rose to fame for his portrayal of Clara Belmonte at La Cocinera de Castamar, the period series that leads Netflix rankings in the world, in which she plays a woman who is understanding, sensitive and with a vision ahead of her time.

Photo: IG

Michelle inherited from her father, Michelangelo Jenner, the talent for dubbing both in film and in series. His first job was when he was only 6 years old and then he was the one who gave him the voice to Goiuse, the son of Roberto Benigni in the classical Life is Beautiful. In addition Jenner is the Spanish Hermione, the voice of the female character from the first four films of Harry Potter. in Beauty and the Beast voiced Emma Watson in the Disney live action film.

“My father is dedicated, above all, to being a voice actor, but he has also made series and films, and my mother is also an artist. And the truth is, I guess so, I kind of carry it in my blood, because I’m going to have it in my blood. since I was a child it was what I liked to do, dress up and play to be a character”, counted in an interview.

As we said, he also stars in the popular Spanish television series, Paco’s Men alongside Hugo Silva (the evil Marquis of Arcona in La Cocinera de Castamar) and at the time they were linked sentimentally, although it was more a desire of the public than a reality. The actors they are great friends and companions, as they have worked on many projects together, but nothing more.

Photo: IG

“Yes, we have been finding ourselves in several projects since Los hombres de Paco until now, and the truth is that for me it is always a pleasure. It’s a wonderful, great companion. and when you’ve worked so long with someone, you know them so much that it’s all very easy.. It’s like being in the family“, acknowledged the actress.

Photo: IG

During his long career, among other jobs, starred in a video of Andrés Calamaro in 2002 and in 2017 participated in a Christmas spot with Ricardo Darín.

Backstage de La Cocinera de Castamar. Photo: IG

For those who want to see her in another recommended series (available on Netflix) Michelle participates in another period series, The Cathedral of the Sea.

In addition to being known, the actress has been awarded for her work: she was nominated to the Goya award for his role in Don’t be afraid (2012), won an Ondas Award for the same title, an Iris Award for Isabel, among other awards he has won for his work.

Photo: IG

His personal life

After several courtships – among which is a relationship with the Spanish singer Leiva-, Michelle formed a family with Javier, a young man dog trainer the one you have kept away from the spotlights during the eight years how long their relationship lasts.

They became parents in July 2019, a news story that shocked the media by the discretion with which the couple carried out the pregnancy.

One of the few images that are known next to his partner. Photo: Internet

It was on the red carpet of the Forqué Awards, in January 2020, the actress spoke for the first time about motherhood. “It’s a beautiful experience,” he said at the time.

Jenner gave birth in July 2019 to his son Hugo, of which he confessed that he had a hard time separating for work reasons. “Like all moms and dads, it’s a moment that always costs a little bit, but hey… That’s why all the time I can take advantage of before shooting, I take advantage of it,” he said.

In his social networks, he does not usually share family photos or his day to day, something that lives in his absolute privacy. Of course, Michelle has long since changed the frenetic pace of the city for quiet life in the countryside. “Well, I’m happy on the field. Happy, happy. I have a little egg and I love it. I’m very much of being in nature”, said in an interview in a Galician media.

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