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Rodrigo De Paul and Tiny Stessel are no longer together. The Argentine singer made a statement on social media: I wanted to tell you that we have decided to end our relationship with Rodrigo. We experienced very beautiful moments when I had the opportunity to meet a person whom I love and respect very much. We supported each other at very important moments in our lives. Thank you so much for the love and respect”. The reasons for the breakup are unknown. even if it seems that the distance did not help: she is in Argentina, he is in Spain, where he trains with AtlĂ©tico Madrid.

Teeny at the center of gossip: love after De Paul

Although the break with De Paul is still very fresh, Tiny Stoessel would have already started dating another man. Violetta’s former star was foiled in the company of AndrĂ© Lamogli, a Brazilian actor known for his role as Ivan in the TV series Netflix Elite. They were caught with mutual friends in a nightclub in Madrid. From what we read on Argentinian gossip sites, there was a certain feeling between Tini and Andre. Aroused suspicions the fact that both shared on social networks the same photo a sign that there is mutual understanding between Stoessel and Lamolya.

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