she poses in a white bikini transparent !


Tina Kunakey another time, the fire on the canvas. The young model, 22-year-old put himself on Instagram in a bikini in white. The temperature is rising.

Used sexy photos of Tina Kunakey has not once hesitated more in the foreground. On Instagram, the young wife of Vincent Cassel, the revealed bikini-white-transparent. MCE TV shows everything !


Tina Kunakey is a supporter of the sexy attitude. In fact, the mother of the Amazon regularly post snapshots of her in the little outfit ! She loves her body and takes over. Among his photos is Instagram, it is not trivial to pleasant news to accept why women like you are. It is encouraging !

It fell back some, Tina Kunakey nothing when it comes to posting a sexy picture of you on the beach in a bathing suit. Since you are a mother, it is true that users criticize its stance on Instagram. One accuses him of, so is to sexy for a mother and he suggests, quite. After these comments Tina Kunakey blocked regularly the comments that offend you. You understand !

The photo shoot of Tina Kunakey

The photo you posted is on Instagram in a bikini in a transparent white, in fact, a shoot for 7000 magazine. The young woman knew what to shoot with her husband Vincent Cassel. On his page in Instagram the photo of your man. It has, in turn, took a pause in white blouse with arms crossed on a table.

What Tina Kunakeythe photo was in a decor that speaks with him. The beach is in fact a place of recurring to his photos. Your curly hair wet and his skin and his t-shirt gives a transparent effect. Under the sun the photographer has managed to capture her sexy attitude. We also learn of the legend that Tina Kunakey initiated the shooting : “artistic direction by me. “you can read it. In any case, the shooting is managed ! As usual, Ms. Kassel is beautiful. We love it !