she presents her new collection !


Emily Ratajkowski shows always in top shape on Instagram. The starlet has a pose in a bikini are blue and she is sexy !

Emily Ratajkowski shows always in top form. The star has just a cliché, granted, you in a bikini and she is sexy !


In the last few years, Emily Ratajkowski has prevailed, in the world of beauty and fashion. The star works with many brands, and they are very careful, very much in his image. In addition, has its own brand of swimwear : Inanorata Woman. So, it does not offer bikinis sexy and she is reluctant to provide them before you on Instagram. It is not rare that the star selects, as the template for the promo.

The beautiful days to come and it is time Emily Ratajkowski reveal his new collection of bikinis. In fact, the model, worked on new models, and she seems very proud of the result. So she decided to take a pose with a bikini, and she has the fire on the canvas. La star is as sexy as ever on the beach and it drives the temperature on the social network.

Emily Ratajkowski rocks the canvas !

So, a few hours ago, Emily Ratajkowski appears, the the brand in a pretty bikini-blue. The starlet posing on the beach, and she chose a very beautiful frames for photos to make. You can see that his trunks notched wants, and she is not afraid to be in front of his body is a dream. The starlet will appear, with a flat stomach and leaves no one indifferent, in this outfit. In fact, his many fans have of him, to leave comments.

Fans of Emily Ratajkowski are praised under the charm of the models and many of him have. In fact, everyone thinks you are very pretty in your bikini-blue and you can check how all of his new collection. “So beautiful “ a fan said. “It’s spectacular,” another participant said. So, the starlet seems to be able to attention with this image, and she hopes, good to know, great success with your new bikinis !