she reveals her beautiful body on Instagram !


Shanna Kress had to the canvas ! The star revealed to publish her beautiful body on Instagram, photos of her in a bikini. MCE TV will tell you everything !

Shanna Kress is not cold in the eyes. In fact, the pretty brunette comes to post multiple photos very sexy on Instagram. Snapshots in a bikini, “muy caliente”, which react much to the canvas !

Hot in front of ! Shanna Kress is not finished, we are free. In fact, the star of the reality tv-love overflow and with your social networks photos of her, completely décomplexées. We love it ! This time, it is with a set of neon green, a very sexy young woman and crack his fans. And for cause, to inspire this little bikini on him. He reveals so beautiful, his perfect body ! A “bodygoal” of circumstances so that we filerait much more complex !

On the photo Shanna Kress appear, so on the edge of a pool in Miami, over several shots. It is beyond accompanied by his girlfriend, also a star of the reality show, the beautiful Siham BengouaA photo shoot in the aisles, showing off her abdominal muscles highlights and her round butt through strength training. A beautiful moment of complicity so ! By the way, the two pretty brown pose, arms in the air, in a way, cheerful and smiling. For proof, you even wrote in the legend of the post :” It was a real kick ! @SihamBengoua #Miami style #fitness motivation #for 33 years, all of the two and proud of ! “. Go girl !

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A publication released Shanna Kress (@shannakress83) the

Shanna Kress, in his body and in his head !

Shanna Kress was nice, after he is thirty, his body is pure madness ! In fact, the young woman, a real fitness-girl hard in the episodes workouts since time immemorial. Since you do not make the mistake, the pretty brunette was always very athletic. A passion for the sport has transformed into a business-for-profit organization. For the proof, you will have a influenceuse sport ultra is today recognized in its center. His Youtube channel compiled, its routines, sports, and meetings in the pole-dance counts 570 000 subscribers. Top !

But for Shanna Kressit is not only that of the sport in the life. No, it plays the song also ! In fact, for over a year now the pretty brunette has started to live a new target. Start a career as a singer. The ex-Thibault Garcia and published his 1. single with the title “Foreign,” which in august 2019. The clip posted on his Youtube channel, incidentally, has considered and was of more than 300 000 persons. We stay on the ball !