“She sent her panties and bras to 13 year old boys”

youtuber miranda sings, alter ego american comedian Colleen BallingerShe is going through a very difficult time as some of her fans have accused her. inappropriate behavior with them. Colleen Ballinger is very famous in America because she is one of the closest friends of the singer Ariana Grande and has also appeared in music videos of some pop stars.

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Who is Colleen/Miranda?

Colleen had created a very strange alter ego named Miranda Sings, a vocal instructor who proclaimed herself the best singer in the world and frequently uploaded videos. youtube In which he made fun of his friend Ariana Grande’s music video. In the recent years he has made a lot of significant achievements and has built a solid fan base.

Unfortunately, in recent times, they have had one of their own. fanHe was so furious at the time, he decided to publish a video on YouTube where he accused Miranda Sings (Colleen Ballinger) of being too condescending towards him. Let’s find out what happened.


the allegations Against Miranda Sings

miranda sings he’s getting a lot of humiliation and criticisms Some of his fans have decided to accuse him of behaving inappropriately with them. It all started with a video posted on youtube Adam McIntyre, where he talks about his relationship with Miranda Sings. The young man said that during some meetings with fans the comedian would ask him grossly inappropriate questions, such as “Are you a virgin?” What’s your favorite position?” Her story gets even more dramatic when she confesses that she received a package from Miranda Sings containing her used bras and panties.

Adam confessed, “I was only 13 and it startled me.”

unfortunately the allegations They don’t end there: Another teen fan says she got “weird” messages from Miranda Sings asking for photos outspoken, Miranda Sings, or rather Colleen Ballinger, has yet to respond to these serious allegations. Fans are shocked by the evidence and videos uploaded on YouTube and are waiting to know what is the truth.

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