She shows in a bikini with transparency, which does not leave anything to the imagination, and you’ll see!


She is one of the singers that the most important in Latin america, and for this reason it has been one of the guests to aperturar in the super bowl the year 2020.

Colombian singer Shakira is an icon in music, since his beginning, he stood out for his unique voice, in addition to making your presentations is usually to provide the audience with a great deal of sympathy, and the dance, original, full of good vibes.

She is currently a figure of controversy for his many “mistakes” that were picked up by the camera, as an example, when you’re not wanting for you to scratch your derrier on the street without any fear.

They find themselves, during two years, a little bit in the world of the internet, we find ourselves in a shooting that left a hit with their fans, and we can see the Video with her husband in the Pike where you can enjoy a nice day at the beach.

The one that truly stands out in the picture she is Colombian, from time to time if you bow down and let you watch her huge derrier is discovered, it is only on the cover of a sarong in mesh.

And, as you might expect, the paparazzi have taken advantage of the opportunity to capture that moment, that it may not go back to again and again, as it is, the more likely it is that She has to be more careful the next time.