she shows up in a bikini sexy ! (PHOTO)


Maddy Burciaga is a dream, his fans on his account Instagram ! The blonde arsonist has a story written in a bikini in Miami Beach.

As always, Maddy Burciaga hyper-networks appear sexy ! The young woman has a photo posted on his story on Instagram ! She poses in a bikini in Miami ! MCE TV will tell you more !


True to itself, as the blonde brand has made founder, rise the temperature up a notch ! Very often, Maddy Burciaga post photos of yourself and your life in social networks. Yesterday she has written, photos and videos from his vacation in Miami ! In fact, one sees the sun in a bikini in black that will certainly please ! This pleases his fans !

The 26-year-old is very active in social networks. What I like also very much to the community ! On the occasion of Valentine’s day, ell shared a new photo where you can see in lingerie red on a balcony ! In this photo, Maddy 191 k likes gained ! They also got more than 5 k comments ! The blonde arsonist knows how to please his fans !

Maddy Burciaga warms the canvas !

So, Maddy Burciaga has posted a story on his account Instagram ! You see, you can enjoy the Florida sun with Alexis Lechanet ! She is wearing a tall black leotard, and a headband in the hair ! What we do is drool, we go through the winter German ! But in the story that follows, we learn that Maddy Burciaga grabbed a sunburn ! It is hoped that it will happen !

So, you can imagine that this trip is a loophole ! In fact, the beautiful has announced his break with the youtubeur GMK, shortly after they officially announced their relationship. This story has been done a lot, voice the canvas ! In any case Maddy Burciaga is using the opportunity to drool to his fans with the unveiling of his very beautiful neckline ! What to do also drool over his ex,…