she shows up in a bikini sexy ! (VIDEO)


Emily Ratajkowski shows always in top form in social networks. The star has posted a video of her in a bikini on Instagram !

Emily Ratajkowski makes a splash on Instagram and it appears to still be sexy. The star has released a video, as it is on the beach in a bikini and sexy !


For several years, Emily Ratajkowski has become an icon in the world of beauty. The starlet is still top-form is displayed on the social networks and works with many brands. Then she is not afraid, with your gorgeous body and a lot of fans in its spell. She also uses the opportunity to his brands !

More than a year ago Emily Ratajkowski was created a brand swimwear : Inamorata Woman. The starlet knows that the beautiful days will arrive soon and put them in his new collection. So, with more than 25 million subscribers on Instagram, do not hesitate to select as a model to his creations. Also, you have me very happy in the bikini and this time she has decided to give you a sexy little video !

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A publication released Emily Ratajkowski (@emrata), the

Emily Ratajkowski sensation in bikini!!

Emily Ratajkowski makes climbing the temperature for the promo of his new collection. In fact, there are a couple of hours, you posted a small video of her on the beach. So in a bikini blue with patterns and the Jersey will be slotted very. This can be the shapes of the star, and it will be with a flat stomach and toned. And the star has the hair in the wind and she smiled directly into the camera. So many people say that the fans will not remain indifferent, watch this video.

The starlet has understood, how it in front of his brand bikini. By the way, it could be that his new collection knows a great success. In fact, fans of Emily Ratajkowski, many have of him, leaving messages. They are all very beautiful, and she turned the canvas with this video. “You’re perfect “ a fan said. “What do you want to be my valentine ? “ another fan asked. So, the star of the unanimously in a bikini at the beach !