She Will Punish Them has been updated – bath poses, lingerie gloves, blur reduction

L2 Games continues to update its ARPG game She Will Punish Them with sexy succubi in a dark fantasy setting.

First, poses and a bath camera have been added, allowing for stunning screenshots. Fixed lighting, poses, and cameras in the lingerie wardrobe as well. In addition, a glove slot has been added for underwear.

Secondly, the function of saving and loading character customization presets has been added: The system for saving/loading presets can be accessed through the character customization window:

Added an autosave function when entering a battle. Also reduced the use of video memory by ~ 2 GB. Fixed anti-aliasing to reduce blur.

Added the following permissions:

  • 3840 * 2160
  • 3440 * 1440
  • 2560 * 1080
  • 1680 * 1050
  • 1600 * 900
  • 1440 * 900
  • 1366 * 768
  • 1280 * 960

New helmets, wings, The tower of decay level, Stroheth Ruins map, Skargoth Dungeon map:

Various bugs fixed:

  • You can now get out of the romantic bath.
  • After interacting, succubi no longer end up on the roof.
  • There is now a notification that you do not have enough space in your inventory when purchasing lingerie.


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