She winked at her son Angel, who died in childbirth

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It’s been a year and a half Georgina Rodriguez and cristiano ronaldo In their own words, they live, “The best and worst moments” Their lives.influencer gave birth to Bella Esmeralda But at the same time, Couple lost twin brother Angel. “Only the birth of a daughter can give us the strength to live this moment with hope and happiness,” they explained in a statement issued after the birth of their daughter. In the text message, they sent a message to the missing baby. “Our child, you are our angel. We will love you forever,” they promised.

Over the past few months, both Rodriguez and Ronaldo have made it clear: They still think about their dead children.We take a look back at the couple’s time together He wants to remember him, and these remarks, on his social networks What did they do about it.

This is how Cristiano and Georgina raise their children

This is how Cristiano and Georgina dealt with the death of their son Angel

In the second season of her documentary I Am Georgina, the man from Jaca goes in-depth How the family experienced the tragedy. “My heart jumped,” Georgina admitted, admitting that she didn’t have the strength to continue due to the shock. “I’m not prepared to accept or acknowledge what happened to me.”

Cristiano was her biggest support and encouraged her to continue Their commitment and focus on the family they built together. It was in one of the chapters of the aforementioned format that Rodriguez revealed the message his partner conveyed to him at the time so that he could continue. “He told me: ‘Gio, get on with your life. It will be good for you,'” he advised him.

Cristiano and Georgina’s daughter Bella Esmeralda has to be hospitalized after birth

She did so, decided to resume her commitments, returned to Cannes and tried to change her attitude. “Life is hard and life goes on. I have reasons to move forward and be strongGeorgina then explained the grief they had to deal with. “My priority now is my family, they are my children.” “I’m so happy and grateful,” the model admitted.

How do Cristiano and Georgina tell their children that their brother has died?

This is especially difficult Sharing the news of his brother’s death with his children delivery period. A trance, a “dose of reality,” the influencer admitted on the reality show that she wasn’t ready: “I’m not ready to tell my kids,” she said.

That’s why he decided to build a metaphor around loss. “Then, because I still have a belly, I tell them the angel is in mom’s belly“Only Bella came and she decided not to be born,” he said. Finally, it was the football player who had to speak to the children: “Angels are in heaven,” he explained to them.

Georgina and Cristiano’s grief: the memory of their lost child

Many times in public Couple has words and details to remember Angel It was “the worst year of their lives.” As she explained on the show, the child was still present: “The angel brought me a lot of love, a lot of sadness, but also a lot of love. He came to teach us a life lesson… He was with us,” she very clear. pony.

The Portuguese has already made some gestures in this sense, for example, by scoring goals in his games, Point to the sky to draw applause from the audience. She also wants him to appear in several of her publications on social networks.

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