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Shein versions the skirt with which Jennifer López triggers suspicions of a new intervention

The Queen of Bronx Jennifer Lopez He always captures glances where he is going and it is impossible for him to go unnoticed. So the paparazzi and journalists do not miss the opportunity to photograph her in any case. Whether on a formal outing, with your partner or just taking a walk with your children, JLo has become the center of attention for a long time and more in the current era.

There are those who look at each of the details of one of the most successful artists and singers of the Pop genre. And you can love her or hate her, but what is certain is that everyone would like a body like that of the famous singer a his 50 years.

One of the last issues for which JLo has jumped to the table is his particular style, sometimes relaxed and carefree and other times much more formal and elegant.

Such is the case of one of his most recent photographs in which he appears with a beautiful plaid mid-knee skirt, which has ruffles on the edge but remains quite close to the body, revealing the best physical attributes of the singer.

Although López has always stood out for having enviable buttocks, in this appearance there are many comments that have been generated. For many, in these photographs the back of the singer stands out much more than on other occasions, which has ended up sparking questions and rumors.

Some take it for granted that this is no longer a natural part of Jennifer and they assume that the singer has decided to get a touch up Augmented your buttocks a bit through cosmetic surgery.

On the other hand, her loyal followers allege that the singer has always displayed a good rearguard and that she does not need to resort to the scalpel to highlight this area of ​​her body.

What is certain is that while rumors come and go, Shein has not wanted to be left behind and it has a skirt very similar to that shown by the pop diva.

Shein Skirt

A Shein skirt very Jennifer Lopez style

So if it is a garment that has hooked you and you have been looking for it everywhere, then this may be your opportunity to get an outfit very similar to JLo.

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