Sheinbaum is going up against companies of the CDMX by laying off 12 thousand workers


After the government of the Mexico city detected at least 10 companies which laid off more than 12 thousand workers during the sanitary contingency for the coronavirusthe head of Government of the capital reported that there will be consequences.

During press conference, Claudia Sheinbaum he explained that the head of the Secretariat of the Work in the CDMX is communicating with representatives or owners of these companies to know what was the reason of the layoffs.

“We do not understand how large companies, who have large savings and have made many resources from their work in the city, to speculate, and before the emergency even have performed these actions,” she said.

The head of government of the CDMX stated that this is not in conflict with the Employers ‘ Confederation of the Mexican Republic (Coparmex), but just to be fair to the contingency that the country lives.

“I don’t want to fight with the Coparmex, which I think is very unfair is that large companies who have many economic resources, have fired workers in the first weeks of march,” he added.

Until such time, the holder of the Coparmex has not issued a statement about it.

Until such time, the holder of the Coparmex has not issued a statement about it.

“Rather, the president of the Coparmex, and the cameras should be generating the conditions for which this does not happen,” he said.

Plan Sheinbaum plan to revive economy

In this co-text, Sheinbaum also explained that it will seek to maintain dialogue with employers in order to conform to a comprehensive plan that will avoid more layoffs and route to revive the economy after the health crisis.

“We will discuss with the cameras, is not an authoritarian attitude or a lot less,” he reaffirmed.

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Respect to the delivery of more support, since it is expected to be insufficient for micro-enterprises, said that in function of the resources available, it has been considered to give more help.

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