Sheldon and Amy from ‘Big Bang Theory’ are joining forces to create a new series | Today


Jim Parsons and Me BialikSheldon Cooper and Amy Fowler in The Big Bang Theoryhave allied to produce and star in a new tv show called Call Me Kat (Call Me Kat in Spanish), according to has been able to confirm Variety.

This new production, which has been acquired by the channel FOX, it will focus on a woman of 39 years Carla, who is struggling to prove to your mother that you can have everything in life and still remain happy, and use the money that her parents had reserved for her wedding to open a coffee cat in Louisville, Kentucky.

Initially this project was going to be called Carla, a title that was far more in tune with the series of the BBC which is the inspiration for the plot, Miranda. Eventually, however, the chosen title is Call Me Kata game of words between the local cats that mounts the protagonist, and where it will make, predictably, a part of the action, and the name of the main character, Carla.

The series will be protaognizada by Me Bialik, who also will produce, and the collaboration Jim Parsons will be reduced to that of executive producer, a task that will fall on the shoulders of the production company that he directs, together with your partner Todd Spiewak, That’s Wonderful Productions. Also co-produced Warner Bros. Television and Fox Entertainment.

As described by the director of Fox to Variety, it is a series filmed in the format of multi-camera (that is to say, about three or four cameras at the same time) with a “strong female point of view“that “has the purpose to differentiate” from the competition.

The series will premiere in 2021although there is not yet a confirmed date. The filming was paused for the crisis of the coronavirus and the team has yet to resume production.