Sherlyn and her son André enjoy paradise before being evicted from a Cancun hotel

The actress shared her concern about the arrival of Hurricane Delta to Cancun, where she is accompanied by her son André

The threatening arrival of Hurricane Delta caused the authorities of the State of Quintana Roo to light the red alert, so another of the actresses who has shared her concern on social networks was Sherlyn, who is in Cancun very well accompanied by her little one son André, with whom she enjoyed the calm of the sea hours before the arrival of the dangerous natural phenomenon.

” It is expected category three is coming strong, let’s see how the day passes “, was the first thing she shared in the stories of her official Instagram account and later she gave details of her situation:

“ I haven’t had a hurricane since I was puberty. I’m little nervous things are going to be fine People act with great calm and responsibility, they are going to evacuate the hotels, fortunately, I have all my friends here. I am nervous for André but get ready, put mothers in their windows “, said the happy mother.

Yet that was how she enjoyed paradise hours before she was evicted from the hotel.

In one of her latest recordings, the television star asked the inhabitants of this state to follow all the recommendations of the authorities, such as having a flashlight on hand, a suitcase with basic documents, taking out phones with enough battery, among others.