Sherlyn confesses that she could return to telenovelas very soon

Although she is enjoying her time as a first-time mother, the actress could return to the forums of a telenovela with an important Televisa producer

Sherlyn became a mother on May 30, and although she is enjoying this beautiful stage, she does not leave her artistic career behind, so a few days ago she revealed that her return to television could happen sooner than she imagined.

During an interview with Alejandra Espinoza for the program ‘El Break de las 7’, the actress announced that she is already in talks with producer Juan Osorio, who approached her to propose a character in her next telenovela, knowing that the most important thing for her right now is taking care of her little André.

“ There is already a conversation with Juan Osorio, we will probably go back to work very soon. The advantage of having friends, accomplices, and bosses who have known you forever are that Juan said to me the day he saw me: ‘Let’s see Sher, I know you are a mother and I know you are breastfeeding, we are going to organize ourselves so that the times fit and Let’s do it in the best possible way, ‘ “she revealed.

Visibly happy, the protagonist of ‘Elisa Before the end of the world’, confessed that she does not forget about work:

” Then yes, I will return to work, but with many permits, because the priority is André, but we must not ignore the important part that is to feel fulfilled in the professional part,” she said.

Although the possibility of returning to Televisa has not yet been confirmed, she assured that she has no problem attending the recordings since her mother’s house is very close and she would most likely be the one to help her take care of her baby while she works:

“I’m not scared because I have everything coldly calculated. My mother lives very close to my place of work, so until today, I have not detached myself from it for more than two hours, and that because I have to go to the dentist or something that with the issue of the pandemic I also try to prevent walk in the street as much as possible. My workplace is close to my mother’s house and I think I can jump to visit him, to give him kisses, to feed him, and to return to the forum. On that side I think everything will be in order, “she explained happily.

To end this topic, Sherlyn assured that they are still in talks and until it is one hundred percent confirmed she will not worry about that.