Sherlyn Returns to Soap Operas After Becoming a Mother


The actress returns to a new Televisa project, where she will play a villain.

Sherlyn is interviewed leaving the Televisa facilities and confirmed her return to telenovelas, this time with a villain character.

The actress commented: “We are going to start a project, I still cannot count, but I will start recording shortly and I am excited to return home with a project that I was very excited about. I’ll talk to them as soon as they authorize me ”.

Sherlyn revealed that this time she will play a villain: “It will be bad, and I am very happy. She is going to be a very pretty bad girl, and she is going to be a lot of fun, I think ”.

The actress also spoke about her role as a mother: “Very happy, very excited, living the best stage that a woman can live, and more with a son like mine who is a sun, and that the truth I have enjoyed each one of his days ”.


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