Sherman tanks coming soon to Men of War 2: Arena

The developers of Men of War 2: Arena continue to reveal details about the new US faction coming soon to the game. This time, the Sherman family of tanks was told. They will be divided into the game by Support, Tank Destroyers, and Assault models. Support will be complemented by Tier IV medium tanks: M4A3 and M4A2. They are great for taking out infantry. Destroyers of tanks M4A3E8 and M4A2 (76) W received Tier V. The 76mm long cannon is good at destroying enemy vehicles. The assault tank format included the M4A3 “Sherman” (105) W, the flamethrower M4A3R3 “Zippo” and the M4A3 “Calliope”. Such tanks will destroy buildings and resist enemy firing points. The exact release date of the update was not named.


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