she’s at a concert, she must be sad at home

The godson of British billionaire Hamish Harding aboard the Titan, the submarine that was lost in the abyss during the voyage, had been to the Blink 182 concert two days earlier. For Cardi B, the gesture was disrespectful to her stepfather: “He must be sad at home, next to the phone listening for updates”.

rapper cardi b attacked the stepson of hamish hardingbritish billionaire rider TitanThe submarine got lost en route to the wreck of the Titanic. Brian Szak Two days ago he attended the concert of Blick-182 Documenting the event on social media while the research on the stepfather is still unresolved: for this reason the American singer and actress intervened on Instagram, commenting on the gesture and defining it “Inappropriate,

Cardi B’s words

Cardi B criticized Brian Szax, stepson of Hamish Harding two days ago, who went to a Blink-82 concert while the search for his stepfather and other missing persons is still in the deep sea. According to the rapper, the man must be apprehensive, close to his mother, waiting for the tragedy to unfold: “He must be sad at home, he must be on the phone, waiting to hear any updates. Isn’t it sad that you are a billionaire and nobody says anything about you? Like you disappeared and the motherfuckers are twisting their ass. this is madness! I’d rather be broke and poor than know that I’m not loved“, the words reported by the tabloid dailystar,

Brian Szak’s answer

The harsh criticism of Cardi B reached the man who responded on Twitter before deleting his account. “Cheap celebrity. Cardi B trying to get some popularity because of me and my family’s suffering“, wrote the words and then were cut off. “I went to a Blink 182 concert to vent instead of staying home and watching the news. Shame on you, Cardi, take some class!“. Before going to the concert, the man wrote on social media that it was his family that convinced him to go out: “It may be inconvenient to be here, but my family wants you to be at a Blink-182 concert because it’s my favorite band and music helps me through hard times!”

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