she’s magical, different from everyone else

Amber Heard made a public appearance at a film event nearly a year after her trial with ex-husband Johnny Depp ended. Next to him, surprisingly, is Italian actor Luca Calvani. Who says about her: “She’s magical, she’s had a media onslaught that would have put an end to anyone”.

The “couple” you wouldn’t expect does its best in weekly photos WHO he broke down during Taormina Film Festival: After months away from the limelight, Amber Heard returns to present himself in public and does so standing next to an Italian colleague, Luca Calvini, Johnny Depp’s ex-wife – fresh from a settlement signed with her ex-husband in December 2022 that ended their legal tussle – is one of the film’s protagonists in the fire, shot in collaboration with Calvani. But the acquaintance between the two did not start on the sets of the film. Calvani had already said that he had known Amber for a while and surprisingly, he was very close to her even during the most difficult phase of her life.

Luca Calvani: “I listen to Amber Heard quite often”

In photos taken at the Taormina Film Festival, Calvani proves that he is in a real relationship with Amber Heard. The two hug, pose, smile and share pizza. ,Although we talked often, we never had the opportunity to see each othersays the actorIt was a great feeling to hug her last Friday. It is a great joy to rediscover his unchanged spirit and vitality. Go up a media attack At that magnitude it could have destroyed anyone, but Ember has demonstrated incredible courage and resilience. I’m glad she came to Taormina and brought media attention back to her work. which, by the way, is wonderful in this movie,

“Against His Giant Hate Machine”

Calvani did not comment on the lawsuit the actress has against Johnny Depp. However, she insists on dealing with her friend: “I guess it’s water under the bridge and everyone wants to move on now. I think we should all examine our consciences, are we really capable of free will or rather are we swayed into assessments of events far away from us that are used to create division. One thing is certain: regardless of opinion – and everyone is free to have their own – the hate machine that was set up to eliminate this girl was unfair and merciless.,

A Day in the Court is back, new season will also feature the trial of Johnny Depp and Amber Heder

Luca Calvani With Amber Heard On Set: “They Shared Their Magic”

After seeing her friend Amber’s work on set, Calvani praised her: “amber is magical And what sets him apart from all the other actors I’ve worked with is that he has this magic: From the lead actor to the last production assistant, everyone feels an instant connection with him., He then concludes: “Amber is back and, as I mentioned in that post a year ago, she will continue to shine and mesmerize the audience. And I, sly and proud, will say to myself ‘I know him’,

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