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More than a request, it was a plea: keep the secret. This is what a passenger on an airplane did through her cell phone, knowing that disclosing his situation was going to bring him problems.

The request was fulfilled … only half. Is that the occupant of your neighbor seat He saw the note, took a picture of it and sent it through social networks.

The image circulated through Reddit and there you see the photo of a woman’s cell phone writing a message in which she admits that is infected with Covid-19.

We have covid … shhh “, she had typed the passenger on her iPhone at the time she was photographed. “That’s why we come home the day before“The message continued. The use of the first person plural indicates that he was flying with at least one other person who had also tested positive for the virus.

“Is this legal?”, wondered the Internet user who shared the image, which already accumulates more than 15 thousand “I like it“In any case, the user did not add any information in his post that would allow him to identify the violator of the travel protocols? Or the flight on which this occurred.

“The proof of the crime”: who was worse of the two?

That was not an obstacle to unleash an intense debate about whether the passenger and question did right or wrong in boarding the plane knowing that she was infected. “You are intentionally putting a lot of people in danger.”, says a netizen. While others assure that situations like this are not uncommon. “It happens all the time. People don’t want to miss their flight, or delay their trips home or go on vacation, etc.. “another user wrote.

There was even no shortage of those who reproached the conduct not of the infected person but of the one who “sent it to the front” in the networks. “You are not only spying on a stranger’s cell phone, but you are taking pictures of him“, reads another comment.

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