Shining beauty image of Zendaya

THATThe beauty look that Zendaya wore for her 27th birthday is an ode to sophisticated and determined femininity and an inspiration to all of us.

27 years old and a career full of success. Zendaya is a movie screen queen and music star, and soon thanks to her parents looks copied from Generation Z, has established itself as an absolute icon of modern style. And on the occasion of his 27th birthday, he did nothing but confirm his place of honor inOlympus beauty queens sporty flawless makeup.

Beauty Diva 3.0

Rumors about her imminent marriage with an actor partner Tom Holland show no signs of fading, but Zendaya manages them perfectly, catalyzing the spotlight only on herself with her latest cinematic efforts (she just finished filming our Luca Guadagnino film) and her shots like real diva 3.0.

And it is in one of these frames that he, like a modern Botticelli spring, flaunts chic and bright make-up which we are sure will be copied in the autumn season. But what exactly is this viral beauty made of? We’ll find out right away!

Latte makeup is a viral beauty trend on TikTok

An anthem to radiance, Zendaya’s makeup, which she flaunted for her 27th birthday, is a tribute to restraint and timeless sophistication. Brilliant but no frillsThe beauty look takes inspiration from the web’s most viral trend, milk makeup, and sublimates it with dots of light that can create a three-dimensional yet minimal effect.

THAT necessary products to create this beautiful image These are: foundation-serum, creamy bronzer, matte and shimmery eyeshadow palettes, reminiscent of the colors of the earth, translucent face powder and liquid highlighter. The result will be the face has acquired its natural volumeswarmed by the gentle yet effective effect of a sun kiss and made even more radiant by the luminous nuances of a highlighter with an imperceptible texture and nude and matte lipstick inspiration the nineties. Can’t wait to recreate that too? By using the right products and following the many latte makeup tutorials that are now popular on TikTok, you will be successful!

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