Shiseido appoints Anne Hathaway as new Global Ambassador

Shiseido has announced that Anne Hathaway, Oscar-winning actress and fashion icon, will be the new global ambassador for Vital Perfection’s anti-aging line!

Shiseido chose the wonderful Anne Hathaway! Her natural beauty, elegance and authenticity, as well as her craftsmanship and ongoing commitment to the United Nations and other charities, have made her one of the world’s most beloved celebrities. American, born in 1982, Oscar-winning actress, producer and fashion icon has been chosen by the beauty house as the new global ambassador for Vital Perfection..

A collaborative lab that conveys the message of the anti-aging line: “Potential has no age.” For an iconic brand with roots in Tokyo’s Ginza district, Hathaway perfectly represents the line’s versatility to defy the influence of time through exploration of the inner potential of leather. It also celebrates inner beauty and encourages women to appreciate every stage of life.

Shiseido appoints Anne Hathaway as new Global Ambassador

Anne Hathaway and Shiseido

In fact, according to Shiseido, Anne Hathaway embodies the meaning of this message perfectly. In fact, she herself loves to take care of her skin, appreciate the time in which she lives, try something new, preferring to feel good. What makes Vital Perfection so effective? Based on decades of research, the skin care line works on the skin’s natural processes and harnesses its innate potential.

Shiseido appoints Anne Hathaway as new Global Ambassador

It acts on already existing bonds in the skin, stimulating the flow of nutrients that provide nourishment and beauty. Work with the body to unlock the deepest potential of the skin, regardless of age. “It is very disappointing to hear that age is mistakenly considered an obstacle to personal growth. I’d rather we celebrate it as a gift.” Hathaway explained. “I hope that people will always be happy to reach their potential. I realized that my skin would take care of me if I took care of it too.” concluded the actress.

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