Shiseido, Oval Firming Face Cream, Now Exists

Shiseidoits new face cream destined to change forever skin care? All the conditions are there. But let’s take things in order. ‘Cause it just ended in Barcelona second edition Beauty Summitglobal event organized for the first time in 2022 to celebrate 150 years a Japanese group that has long been synonymous with Soin for skin very high quality. Create advanced formulasalways put the house research comes first and the results are visible, especially on the faces of those who use them treatment. A lot of News presented on the occasion going on. From a vision holistic in approach to skin care to the obligation to exploitartificial intelligence create a one-of-a-kind technology capable of analyzing specific needs leather also in relation to Emotional condition person.

Star of the showhowever, naturally, this could only be the last opening brand he promises to support compact oval contours. As the doctor explained Tomonobu Ezureresearch team leader Shiseido during his speech introductory “gravity this is the force that attracts bodies to the center of the Earth. Therefore, it is difficult to completely reverse its effects. However, we can try to effectively limitNegative influence. Using our innovative 4D viewing methodwe actually discovered that I muscles that lift the hair (those that are activated when it is cold or we are afraid – ed.) exert a force opposite to gravity, allowing the skin to maintain its original shape. Thus, by strengthening these muscles, we can prevent sagging skin. This discovery revolutionized our understanding of the mechanism of epidermal relaxation and paved the way for a new generation of products.” That’s where it came from Vital Perfection Night Concentratea procedure that stimulates the nighttime regenerative abilities of the skin, based on licorice extractthe effect of which is enhanced by one special massage designed to stretch the skin straight in the direction hair muscle.

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As he explains Nathalie Broussarddirector of scientific relations of the group “Vital Perfection Night Concentrate brings to life a new generation of skin care products designed to be used as… last step routine skin care, after night cream. massage it is an integral part of the product technology and strengthen Formula effect. It should be emphasized that the cream must be used before bedtime, this is no coincidence: when you lie down, your face is relaxed and the oval is less affected by gravity. Therefore, now is the ideal time to help restore the erector muscles. In addition, it is well known that night is the time when the epidermis it regenerates: cells renew themselves and synthesize new supporting fibers, including collagennecessary to prevent skin relaxation. In addition, the concentrate contains innovative technology. textures lock up making it easier for assets to penetrate, including legacy products.”

Shiseidowith my new face cream, promises to change the way you approach skin care forever. However, you will still need a little patience to test it out, as the fashion house has not yet announced when the powerful elixir will hit shelves. stay tuned.

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