Shock over the mysterious death of a kickboxing champion: the crossover versions of his health

Fred Sinistra died at age 41 (IG / @fred_sinistra)
Fred Sinistra died at age 41 (IG / @fred_sinistra)

“My husband has not died from Covid”The wife of the three-time kickboxing world champion said through an Instagram post. Fred sinistra, after the Belgian media reported on his death on December 16, product of the virus that plagues the world.

A death that caused a commotion in Belgium and that the uncertainty woke up after his partner spoke out on social media to go out to deny what the press had transmitted.

Sinistra, who was considered the strongest man in the country, lost his life after battling lung disease during several days. With symptoms related to those caused by the coronavirus, the media quickly revealed that the 41-year-old fighter was against vaccines and classified the covid as a “small virus”.

The wrestler updated his health status through Instagram (IG / @fred_sinistra)
The wrestler updated his health status through Instagram (IG / @fred_sinistra)

“Unfortunately, my fight on December 4 is off. I am upset but I live thanks to my wife and my loving uncle Osman Yigin (his coach). A disease attacked my lungs. The CPR shows that my lung information is high (165) but the norm is between 0 and 5. A warrior never abdicates! I will come back even stronger “, he assured on November 26 on Instagram with a photo in which he could be seen in a tube inside a Liège hospital.

However, while his illness was passing, the press reported that Sinistra had been discharged after denying that the symptoms he had were the result of having contracted covid.

The Undertaker, as he was known in the world of mixed martial arts, he took the opportunity to clarify his situation by congratulating his son on the networks: “I realize how many negative things you should hear about me, but nothing happens, because I know that time will respond to all these slanderers and petty people ”.

The wrestler's wife made a download on Instagram (IG / @fred_sinistra)
The wrestler’s wife made a download on Instagram (IG / @fred_sinistra)

As detailed in the official report, the 41-year-old fighter He had been admitted to the hospital after being forced by his coach. In dialogue with the Belgian media Sudinfo, Yigin had told Sinistra that he would not train him further if he did not show up for medical attention.

From Belgium they also highlighted that the multi-champion kickboxing criticized the use of masks and the application of vaccines, in addition to expressing its rejection of the Government’s measures to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

“I feel better and better, they are taking good care of me. This is a problem since I was born prematurely and I will continue to fight to the death like a man without ever giving up and dying without regrets, “he reported three days after the hospitalization on his Instagram account.

Sinistra was a three-time kickboxing champion (IG / @fred_sinistra)
Sinistra was a three-time kickboxing champion (IG / @fred_sinistra)

Finally, the fighter who owned a record of 39 wins and nine losses, he lost his life on December 16 But it was not until the 23rd that his wife decided to go out and speak and break the silence.

“My husband was a generous man with a big heart who wanted to help others despite everything. The tabloid press and some of his relatives are doing their thing on social media since my silence and absence comes from my pain, not from fear or lack of answers to all these people who claim to have known or had a real relationship with my husband ”.

“I will fight to the end for the truth to be restored and his name is washed away from all these slanders around his death. MY HUSBAND DID NOT DIE OF COVID and I would never have accepted that what happened served to spread fear and claims of vaccination. Just be patient, a lot of things are in preparation to answer all your questions, “he said.


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