shock videos on social networks. Four twenty-year-olds reported

A stunt from chills strong. All for a few more likes on social networks. A crazy ride that could cost dearly to the 4 young protagonists of the finished video TikTok. The full-speed motorcycle night race along the winding streets of Anacapri it was made by the very young, originally from the blue island.

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The protagonists of the crowds race clandestine night are three 20-year-olds from Anacapri and a 19-year-old from Capri, all with a clean record and protagonists of a gesture that has caused a stir in those who have seen the images published on social. The facts – according to a first reconstruction of the carabinieri date back to the early hours of Saturday 15 April. It’s one o’clock in the night and it’s dark when four of them meet along the path that goes between Punta Carena and the lighthouse. Two of them are at the starting line on their bikes motorcycles large engine capacity. A third person is the starter. The other awaits them at the finish line. Along the way there are those who film and you see the speedometer suddenly touch i 170 per hour. Within a few hours the video appears on some profiles of Instagram And TikTok attracting the attention of many. Reports to the military continue. It is the municipal men who start the investigations in synergy with the carabinieri who sift the videos until the four responsible are identified in the evening. The two centaurs were sanctioned with a hefty fine for traffic violations.

Borrelli’s complaint

«We received a video whose images show a clandestine race between motorcycles that would take place on Friday night in Anacapri and the whole thing was then posted on social networks. From the editing of the video itself it is clear that a real organization has taken part in this extraordinary example of irresponsibility. We have forwarded the images to local law enforcement. This phenomenon – concludes Borrelli – goes struck down in the bud before counting new ones victims of the road because of criminals on two wheels».

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