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Shocking pictures with Tom Cruise! He got so fat that the tabloids laughed at him. Video – Evenimentul Zilei

“Vision impossible!” (No – impossible vision) This was the title used by journalists from The Sun in the article showing the images of Tom Cruise fatter than he may have ever been. It was a pun with reference to the movie Mission Impossible, starring Tom Cruise.

This situation was reached after the actor went to see a recent baseball game in San Francisco. In the confrontation between the San Francisco Giants and the Los Angeles Dodgers, Cruise was accompanied by his son Connor (26 years old).

When they saw him, some fans couldn’t believe that the Top Gun star was in front of him. Others have speculated that the Hollywood star underwent cosmetic surgery.

“What did Tom Cruise do to his face?” A fan asked on Twitter. “It looks like someone is wearing Tom Cruise’s face,” another person posted. “I barely recognized Tom Cruise there,” was another remark.

Did Tom Cruise use certain substances?

“Tom Cruise has not aged, he has done some terrible work on his face that has swollen him like a frog,” a user commented. Another compared the actor to comedian Norm Macdonald, who recently passed away. “I didn’t realize that Tom Cruise had signed on to a biographical film with Norm Macdonald.

Tom Cruise is preparing for his future role as Norm MacDonald ″, was the acid reaction. However, there were enough fans who understood that their favorite had gained weight and supported him.

“Listen, I don’t like Tom Cruise at all (but not at all), but I’m tired of people hitting people on Twitter for their weight fluctuations. People are allowed to gain and lose weight ″, added a fan of Cruise.

Mission impossible 8

Meanwhile, The Sun revealed exclusively this month that Tom is learning to fly a military plane from World War II. Do this for the stunt scenes from the next episode of the Mission Impossible series.

We remind you that the star became famous in the role of the pilot of the Maverick fighter planes from Top Gun. Now he has returned to an airplane, the Boeing Stearman Model 75, used by the US military in 1943.

According to the quoted source, the actor was seen in Great Britain, at the Duxford aerodrome in Cambridgeshire, at the run of the training plane. “Tom began learning to fly a Boeing Stearman biplane earlier this year for an important stunt scene in Mission Impossible 8.

It is obviously a skillful task, but as usual he does not intend to do anything superficial to save time or money or bring a stunt.

Trying to film stunning scenes with an 80-year-old plane is particularly dangerous, “said a source in British journalists. Last month, Tom and his team celebrated the end of filming at Mission Impossible 7. Due to the pandemic, filming was delayed.

Helen Hernandez is our best writer. Helen writes about social news and celebrity gossip. She loves watching movies since childhood. Email: Helen@oicanadian.com Phone : +1 281-333-2229

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