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Shooter Battle Cry of Freedom implements massive battles with realistic weapon physics and support for up to 300 players

A very attractive shooter with many interesting mechanics was discovered in the vastness of Steam. A game called Battle Cry of Freedom will take players to the battlefields of the United States during the Civil War. A credible recreation of the 19th-century era is declared, with all existing weapons of that time and military units.

Flying Squirrel Entertainment is responsible for the development of the shooter, which knows a lot about the historical setting. This writing team was responsible for the development of the Napoleonic Wars expansion pack for Mount & Blade: Warband. It took the developers almost ten years to create Battle Cry of Freedom. That is how much time it took for them to implement all the ambitious ideas.

Ten minutes of Battle Cry of Freedom gameplay:

In Battle Cry of Freedom, players will have the opportunity to re-enact the history of the Civil War or radically change its course. As soldiers of the Union or Confederation, you can take part in the largest online battles for 300 people. Each of your battles will be different from the previous one thanks to the dynamic weather system, the change of the time of day, and the random generation of some elements. In addition, every building on the battlefield can be completely destroyed, from which the landscape can change right during the match.

Other features of the game:

  • Over 120 types of weapons, 70 types of ammunition and 20 pieces of artillery
  • Realistic weapon reproduction and bullet flight
  • Advanced melee system with the ability to use a bayonet as the main weapon
  • The ability to customize your fighter
  • Built-in map editor

Battle Cry of Freedom is due out on PC on the digital Steam store in 2022.

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