Shooter Die After Sunset Coming To Early Access

“Time travel, tentacles, and total carnage!” Is the slogan for the upcoming chaotic third-person RPG shooter Die After Sunset from Playstark and PQube. If that sounds like something to you, then you might want to keep an eye out for this cute Fortnite-style shooter coming soon to Steam.

In Die After Sunset, players will face off against aliens named Murkors, who seem adorable and clumsy during the day and turn into fierce beasts at night. They will also keep up with the times, working to thwart Murkor’s invasion and plans to put out the sun. The game also features a large cast of unique characters and a huge arsenal of weapons and bonuses to unlock.

To complicate matters, players will also need to complete all procedurally generated levels in just one clean run.

Die After Sunset ”is a third-person shooter with unique light and dark mechanics. Complete 5 unique levels in one run in this refreshing roguelike genre. With dozens of items, gear, abilities, and perks to combine together in every run, you must prepare to become as powerful as possible before the boss arrives! Fall at any moment and you will be back to the very beginning …

Die After Sunset will initially launch in Early Access on Steam later this year with two single-player levels. A massive multiplayer update and new arenas will be introduced during the Early Access phase. Full release on PC and consoles is scheduled for around 2022.


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