Short haircuts fall 2023: mini mullet

The iconic short haircuts of history are permanent and eternal. From cup cuts to side cuts, bob to pixie cuts and bob cuts, they never go out of style. They remain on many heads, undergoing inevitable evolution and modification. This happens with each of the cuts mentioned above, as well as the mythical mullet cut. Born in the Eighties, with a strong rock and punk flair, loved by the likes of David Bowie, Tina Turner, Patti Smith, Mike Jagger and later Billy Eilish and Miley Cyrus, is one of Generation Z’s most popular forms. The form is unmistakable : the mass of hair concentrated in the upper part of the head slips off and becomes shorter and layered in the lower part. An asymmetry that makes him genderless, with a strong personality. A very bold option, it owes its name to a fish: mullet. Another nautical homage, born many decades before the Octopus Cut. Worn with or without bangs, in a straight or curly version, the mullet haircut is now in a new version. After the introduction of the micro mullet, favored by the Spanish actress Ursula Corbero a few years ago, the idea of ​​the mini mullet is now spreading. A reduced but always iconic mullet haircut.

Short haircuts fall 2023, sleek mini mullet

London’s trendiest hair salon, The Hair Bros, came up with the idea to give new life to the mullet haircut. The new chapter he’s interested in is called the “Mini Mullet”, from a haircut that two British hairstylists recently featured as one of the top hairstyles among the fall 2023 short hair trends. The mini mullet is the perfect evolution of the bob, accentuated by summer’s damage. A bob that needs to be freshened up can turn into a mini mullet in seconds, which will remove dry ends and return individuality and mobility. A cut that is also made with a razor for lightness and softness. In the case of straight hair, the best styling is natural, that is, let the hair dry in the air. With the application of a small amount of texturizing cream.

Mini curly mullet

Historical short mullet haircuts for the most part had a smooth crease. Therefore, the curly mini mullet, slightly fluffy and natural, is certainly one of the most fashionable modern options. The mini mullet takes away the volume and volume of thick curly hair while maintaining the evolution and movement typical of wavy hair. To emphasize the shape of the cut, you can use a curl cream and shape the direction of the strands to your liking. Drying in this case takes place in the air.

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