Short summer dresses 2023: trend and what to combine them with

Which short dresses summer 2023 What definitely cannot be missing in a holiday wardrobe? Apparently, among the endless proposals coming from all over the globe, the winners are the most. simple and essential. That is, with such a linear design that they could be taken as a first experiment by those who are learning to sew.

But we shouldn’t stop at looks. This kind elegance has distant roots and is nothing but trivial. It varies between different offerings such as Minimalismfairy tale fashion sixties and style old money about which there is so much talk today. To then return to capture the essence low-key, chic and low-key mood. Accurately assembled into one dress, as if it were a concentrate of elegance.

trend on the catwalk

In a world where constant external stimuli are a burdensome presence in everyday life, this sounds unsettling. trend. Is it necessary to do it from scratch as a reaction precisely to a continuous stream of influences? May be.

What is fashionable?  Spring/Summer 2023 trends not to be missed

The fact is that parades from spring summer 2023 they brought to the podium mini dress give her silhouette vaguely 60s, often flared or trapezoidal. And also models are straight or slightly tapered at the waist to unobtrusively emphasize the shape of the body. The most popular models are sleeveless, with a square neckline or a shape reminiscent of a classic T-shirt. OUR colors they almost always neutral, with a preference for black, white and beige colors. But there are also intrusions into the universe of bright colors. Even surfaces they are smooth, opaque, knitted, but never indulge in excessive embellishments.

short dresses summer 2023 hermes tods valentino

Short dresses summer 2023: on the left, the minimalist models of Hermès, Tod’s and Valentino (photo by Spotlight Launchmetrics)

Posse’s Alice Dress Case

To demonstrate how rampant this trend has been in recent months, just think about it. Lyst Index referring to the second quarter of 2023, among the three outspoken brands that “exploded” there is an Australian Detachment. It was the success of the basic cut mini dress that made her name famous all over the world. Model Alice in underwear, in fact, he was also flaunted by stars of the caliber Selena Gomez, Nicole Richie AND Lily Aldridge.

What to combine with a minimal mini dress

Availability advantage Short dress The main style is, above all, the ability to count on clothes that almost never age and that can be worn in many different cases. Depending on the accessories taken together, it instantly changes its connotations. Emphasizing from time to time different aspects of it.

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His Sixties Party it can be easily emphasized with maxi plastic jewelry and a pair of ballet flats. What old money with a cotton cardigan, moccasins and a women’s bag. While highlight it Charm minimum all you have to do is add some nude sandals and a sleek clutch. What other tips should be kept in mind? This type of clothing can be seen not only as a dress, but also as a perfect fit. layering piece. Wear over another dress or trousers, under a jacket or over a polo shirt. Providing complete freedom for experimentation.


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