Should the Lakers invest in Klay Thompson in 2024 free agency?

The story between Mbappe and Real Madrid is similar to that between Klay Thompson and the Los Angeles Lakers, as the guard has been on the California team’s interest list for all seasons and now he is about to become a free agent. Nor will it be different.

Klay Thompson, who will be playing his final season in 23-24, signed a guaranteed contract with the Golden State Warriors. The 33-year-old basketball player will earn $43.2 million this year before he will be able to decide whether to fulfill his dream of playing for the team in the city of his birth.

This summer, there was speculation that Thompson might join the Lakers in a trade with the Warriors, in which Stephen Curry’s team would acquire power forward Rui Hachimura and forward Austin Reeves. However, this possibility exists only in rumors and is much better for the Lakers.

The possibility of signing Thompson as a free agent is more logical, because they will not lose two young players who are crucial to the future, and they will be able to negotiate a contract with Thompson after evaluating Thompson’s 23-24 season, because the last One game isn’t the first time the Los Angeles-born has been able to play a full year following knee (19-20) and Achilles (20-21) injuries.

Plus, without losing players and being able to evaluate Thompson for another year, the Lakers have another incentive to wait for “Sniper” until the 2024-25 free agency window, and that is that LeBron James will have a chance to get him in that game. Get rid of the contract with the purple and gold, or continue for another year. Offering James the possibility to team up with a teammate of Thompson’s height in his final year with the Lakers sounds enticing to “The King.”

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