Should Work at home, Because the Corona, Indosat Give the employees an incentive of Usd 1.5 million.

201 – The government currently, the company recommends the implementation of a program to work from home (work from home/WFH) to prevent the spread of Corona Virus is new, or COVID-10. This policy received a positive response from the employees of Indosat Ooredoo to be.

Therefore, the management of Indosat Ooredoo will provide support in the form of money in the amount of Rp1,5 million, which will be entered in the salary of the month of March 2020. It is, as a form of appreciation for the willingness of employees to work from home.

Information extra money for the employees of Indosat Ooredoo revealed in a series of social media accounts of employees.

Quote from Antara, Wednesday (21/3), an info-memo, the into circulation, in the internal employees of Indosat are Ooredoo, said that the recognition in the context of the global situation of the spread COVID-19, which requires that the community lived in each house.

“We want to continue to ensure that the health and safety of all of us, sahabat Indosat Ooredoo, is the most important priority,” said President Director & CEO Indosat Ooredoo Ahmad Al-Neama in a memo with the title “CEO Message”.

According to him, the management must continue to strive to provide the best service to the customers, although the employees go through a work-from-home. One-time assistance in the amount of Rp1.500.000 per employee in payroll, the payroll March 2020 to be entered.

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