show facial pimples and celebrate the beauty of normality

Leni Klum followed the makeup-free selfie craze and proudly showed off her natural face while advocating body positivity.

The hobby that the stars have loved the most for several years now? Post your photos without makeup on social networks to demonstrate to everyone that your beauty is completely natural. The last one who could not resist the trend was Leni Klumdaughter born from model relationships Heidi Klum With Flavio Briatore. We are used to seeing her flawless on the catwalk and in glossy photo shoots, but how is she in “reality”? It was she herself who revealed this selfie with soap, in which she was not afraid to emphasize normal skin imperfections: here is a shot of a young top model without makeup.

Natural selfie Leni Klum

We left her at her 19th birthday party (complete with potato chip cake), today we find Leni Klum on Instagram in an unedited version. Being at the beginning of her career, she always wanted to look her best in the spotlight, but in the last few hours she made a small exception and posed naturally, showing great courage and self-confidence. Without mascara, foundation, eyeliner or concealer, Heidi’s daughter immortalized herself without a single trace of makeup. She took a selfie just before embarking on her beauty routine: she’s wearing a bathrobe, her hair is still wet from her shower, and she uses a rainbow-bow-shaped sponge to hold it back.

Leni Klum without makeup

Leni Klum without makeup

Leni Klum is a body positivity champion

A detail that cannot go unnoticed? Abandoning makeup and Instagram filters, Leni showed off her natural face with slight skin imperfections. She has several inflamed pimples on her cheeks and forehead, which is proved by the fact that she, too, faces the usual problems that any girl of her age faces in everyday life. However, behind the gesture lies an important symbolic meaning: the model has become a symbol of body positivity and has shown everyone that imperfections and skin problems cannot affect the beauty of a person.

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