Shows, the best of 2023 (so far) to review this summer

If we look back at the first half of the year that has just ended, in terms of Series we are faced with a kind of impasse: on the one hand, the scenario is dominated by important revenues, and sometimes farewell titles of the highest quality which dominated in the last few years (succession, Ted Lasso, Mrs Maisel), on the other hand, there is an overcrowding of industries, which becomes almost uncontrollable, given number of exits and the quality is not always consistent (not to mention quick cancellation). And yet, in this dynamic panorama, which is probably close to the limit (perhaps due to the expected effects after the strike of actors and screenwriters), there are still some series that stand outlonely and original, in the episodic mare magnum of these months:

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Last of us

Last of usambitious Hbo product we’re streaming in heaven and now, has not only the merit of transferring the beloved story of the video game of the same name to the screen, but also treats this transposition with respect and reason. It also raised the bar in general for everyone video game adaptationsfinally showing the full storytelling potential of some video games and how they can be uncompromisingly serialized. In an apocalyptic scenario of disturbing zombies spreading spores, the interpretation of the two protagonists Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey stands out for its intensity, complicity and emotions that are never boring.

Beef Clash

Can a banal (almost) traffic accident cause chain of events more and more evil and cruel? Obviously yes, as it demonstrates Beefkit Netflix almost indefinable genre, even if it is very close to the grotesque drama. After “touching” each other with their cars Amy (Ali Wong) AND Danny (Steven Yun)two strangers, bearing signs of a life that does not satisfy them as they would like, chase each other and challenge each other through the streets Hot and lively Los Angeles. A vision that will not leave you indifferent or serene.

Call my agent in Italy

To adapt the pioneering and disturbing success, like the French, in our country Call my agent (dix percent) it was really difficult. However, this Italian remake by Sky is undoubtedly a success thanks to very tasty balance between the restoration of the original format and plots and the innovations brought by the setting to show business of our country. Guest stars such as Paola Cortellesi, Emanuela Fanelli, Pierfrancesco Favino and especially Paolo Sorrentino – his monologue on the terrace is memorable – enriches a very convincing cast of actors in itself. Perhaps one of the most striking manifestations hard bone our serial panorama.

Dead Ringers – Inseparable

dead ringerson Prime Video, the series is not for everyone: a remake changed sex movie inseparable David Cronenberg from 1988, history two gynecological twins who are trying to revolutionize the birth world by managing their painful relationships can be disturbing on many levels. We are facing one cerebral, disturbing seriesoften bordering on the absurd, but turning into Must see thanks in no small part to the dual interpretation of Rachel Weisz, transitioning without a fight from the shy and rational Beverly to the impulsive and outgoing Elliot without a fight.

Fleishman in pieces

Something like a more neurotic Woody Allen and in Gen X sauce Fleish to pieces (Disney+) it is proof that the series of recent years has scrutinized the restlessness of many young people in search of direction in a world that has now exploded. So what is it Toby Fleischman (A Jesse Eisenberg who finds the makings Social network), who has just gone through a divorce but is not yet accustomed to his new single life, who has to deal with the incomprehensible disappearance into thin air of his ex-wife (Claire Danes). A subtle and grueling drama, also backed by a brilliant interpretation by superb supporting actors such as Lizzy Caplan and Adam Brody.


Exit to Paramount+ in 2022 and continued this year with a second season, From this is one of the most amazing series of recent years, which has passed unnoticed here. After Lostthe connection is also confirmed by the protagonist Harold PerrineauThis horror series is about a group of people trapped in a small town from which they cannot escape. threatened by night creatures but they never fully reveal their nature. It is this suspended and ever-pervading dimension that makes the atmosphere From even more chilling.


Rare to find lately science fiction series that they really bring something minimally innovative or have never tried before. Also Silage (Apple TV+)is essentially another adaptation of the science fiction literary saga – Silo Trilogy Hugh Howey, but the quality and tension alone sets it apart from many other similar productions. Maybe thanks rather original dystopian dimensiona bunker descending kilometers underground to protect mankind from the unbreathable atmosphere on the surface, but also an interpretation similar to that of the protagonist Rebecca Ferguson. Mystery, thriller and social observation come together in an intriguing mix.

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