Sidney Sweeney to star in new Rolling Stones single Angry | TV

Sidney Sweeney is the main character in the video for Angry, the new single from the Rolling Stones, available today.

The Stones announced their first album in an 18-year absence on Tuesday, posting a YouTube clip of Jimmy Fallon teasing the album while answering the Stones Phone.

The call hinted that further questions would be answered on Wednesday. Fallon then held a live talk about “Hackney Diamonds” with the three remaining band members – Jagger, Richards and Wood – in the London Borough of Hackney.

Jagger stood up to confirm the album’s release on October 20 when Fallon asked him why they were at the theater.

After asking the Rolling Stones a few questions from the audience, Fallon walked into the audience to talk about Sydney’s role in the music video and sat down next to her for a quick chat:

I got scared, called my family and brought my mother.

“Hackney diamonds” are fragments of window glass broken as a result of a burglary or robbery (a common occurrence in the London Borough of Hackney). Richards said the title came from brainstorming other options: “Hit and Run” and “Smash and Grab.” Guest stars on the new album include Stevie Wonder, Lady Gaga and former Stones bassist Bill Wyman. The two tracks will also feature the late percussion of the late drummer Charlie Wyatts.

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