signed an agreement between Stefano De Martino and Antonino Spinalbese

Major life changes Belen Rodriguez. For several months, Soubretta severed her relationship with her husband again and again. Stephen DeMartino and she threw herself headlong into a new relationship, with an entrepreneur Elio Lorenzoni. In fact, as Argentina itself acknowledged, the two they have known each other for over ten years: They have always been friends, but only recently passion broke out between them. However, the Who weekly reports that neither De Martino nor Antonino Spinalbese never knew about this friendship between Rodriguez and Lorenzoni. Now the couple has indulged in a romantic getaway in the mountains, in the Dolomites, where Cecilia’s sister Rodriguez appeared smiling and carefree.

Treaty between Stefano De Martino and Antonino Spinalbese, ex-Belem

According to Chi, Stefano De Martino and Antonino Spinalbese they would have entered into a sort of friendship pact. They started following each other on Instagram and the former Big Brother Vip member was paparazzi under conductor Rai’s house. Stefano and Antonino stayed together for about three hours with their children. Santiago and Luna Marie that they are very close. It is almost certain that De Martino and Spinalbese will comment on the latest twist regarding Belen Rodriguez. In an old interview, Antonino said he was for flashback between Belen and Stefano but the hot soup didn’t work.

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