Signs of age: The decision of Jessica Biel


The actress made a very important decision with his body, at least for the time being…

Jessica Biel revealed some of the details of her image and beauty routine. According to Vogue, the actress said that she likes yoga because, unlike other activities does not require competition. “I’m trying to be more gentle with myself.”

In terms of its beauty routineJessica stated the following: “I like your hair and makeup ready, but I never want them to dress me, I want to clothe them (show them), be able to say in front of the mirror this is me, and not someone else.”

On the signs of the age, the actress confessed to never having had the botox. “Honestly, I’m afraid”said about the topic.

“My face is part of my job, and the skill of the movement is important to me now. Although I can see the lines around my eyes and mouth, I do not want to cubrilas, either with eyeliner, lipstick, blush, or botox. At least now,” added Biel.

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Photo: Reuters

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