Silvia Mezzanotte is back “Tribute to my queens”

‘My Queens’ is the prettiest of her dresses, or perhaps the one she likes best. Silvia Mezzanotte, past exceptional reputation as the voice of Mattia Bazar, who won Sanremo at the beginning of the millennium with a “message of love” and currently traveling alone around Italy or try one with Carlo Marrale, a musical genius The tried and tested pair, returns to Castel San Pietro this evening, a gift from Giaz for music lovers with a refined taste. On the terrace of the restaurant overlooking Viale Terme, Silvia will bring “My Queens,” a tribute to voices, but also to the women I loved most in the world of music. Somehow they all look like me. Many of us have been able to leverage the greatness and power of our voices to fight through and overcome difficult moments and dark brackets.” Lives that are not always simple, especially in adolescence, at the dawn of existence. “A bit like me, who suffered for years from a shyness that bordered on pathology, until I realized I could feel less alone through my voice, especially by listening closely to others.” For. I conquered myself through my voice, and it was a beautiful achievement”

And so, for the queens who have crossed their lives musically, Sylvia decided to experience and share them all together in one show “together with a group of musicians with whom we share a wonderful human connection.” The relationship is built, even before there is an artistic relationship that allows us to play on stage, even choose to change plans from one night to the next”. The queens of yesterday, like Mina and Mia Martini, but also the daughters of recent love affairs. “I think of Adele, who has such a difficult and beautiful story to tell behind her voice.” She’ll also be in Sylvia’s voice tonight, and maybe even Rafaela Cara. Regardless of the lineup’s chosen canvases, “what I love most is the intimate relationship this show has built with the audience. Here, being able to look the audience in the eye only in non-diffuse spaces” Maybe. Giaz, makes me happy, proud of you”. After more than twenty years, he does not think about Sanremo, but … “But you never know. With Carlo (Marale, ed) we are working on an unreleased album, but it is certain that the single There is an ad hoc song for the event, even if it is Sanremo, we would never write it. We write for our audience, then if the artistic direction of a great event like Sanremo likes a song, we will say no”. For event information and booking (concert starts at 21.30, dinner at 20), you can write to (email protected) or contact 351-6112977.


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