Silvina Luna agonizes over worst news: ‘She’s already born’

ex-participants big brother 2001 Silvana Luna continues to fight for her life when he is around The situation would be further complicated when it was learned she had contracted the Covid-19 virus and was taken to an Italian hospital due to her poor health. Within the framework of the extreme caution of his inner circle, Panelist Estefi Berardi provided a worrying update on the status of the model.

in the air Mañanísima (city magazine), Berardi announced the exclusive audio of businesswoman Gabriela Trenchi, He also went through the knife of Aníbal Lotocki (currently disbarred by the nation’s highest court) and slipped: “Gaby is Aníbal Lotocki ), who spoke out in the media and made the problem visible, She was taken to an Italian hospital.have a bad time… she was very slow to get back to me because she couldn’t use her phone and the doctor wouldn’t let her do it”.

He then started playing the audio in Trench’s voice, and Trench yelled in pain: “Hi, I don’t feel well. I try to answer bit by bit. The psychiatrist forbids me to call, and so does the doctor.” I have a bad gut from taking too much meds, I got gastroenteritis from my meds, I have a mouth, I have to go to the dentist, I have all my meds, due to what happened to Mariano, Silvina What happened, I panicked and I felt like I was still me.”

return, Gabriela spoke about the health of Silvina Luna, who was admitted to the same hospital, revealing that “she has given birth”. “And this bastard… is still on the loose, not to mention the scam. Four years, that’s nothing to all the victims who are going through this pain. They’re not serious injuries, but very serious injuries,” he concluded in the audio.

Estefi Berardi makes controversial comments downplaying Lotocki victim’s story

Back on set, Carmen Barbieri and her panel discuss isolation while in hospital, and “La Leona” reveals that when she contracted Covid-19, she was “in a coma for 22 days, 8 days without… Visitation,” noting that her only form of social contact was with people, the workshop girl who cleaned his room. that moment, Estefi Berardi offered his final reflections on Lotocki’s victim, with a controversial comment that was endorsed by his colleagues: “It’s a production A horror series because there’s so much to tell…”.

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