Silvina Luna was admitted and revealed that even today she suffers from the consequences of her cosmetic surgery: “My kidneys do not work well”

Silvina Luna underwent cosmetic surgery in 2010 and in 2013 she was discovered kidney problems
Silvina Luna underwent cosmetic surgery in 2010 and in 2013 she was discovered kidney problems

On Instagram, the famous usually show only the happy moments of their lives. However, this Tuesday Silvina Luna He made an exception and decided to open his heart like never before. With a photo in which she is seen lying on the bed of a clinic, the model shared with her followers a strong reflection in which she reveals the effects on her health that she still suffers today, after the cosmetic surgery that was done in 2010 with the questioned doctor Hannibal Lotocki.

I celebrate that we can de-construct stereotypes and show ourselves as we are. Being able to connect with our inner worth. Nobody absolutely nobody, is equal to you and that is your great power, that of all, the authenticity of each one of us How many things do we do to achieve beauty ideals, putting our lives and health at risk?, began by expressing the former Big Brother. And he explained: “I usually show them nice things on Instagram, but today I decide to share this other part of my day to day with them. Every so often I need to go to the hospital, my calcium levels go up and my kidneys don’t work well. I require more corticosteroids, a medicine that I have been taking chronically for 8 years. And today looking for other drugs that can replace it”.

The photo that Silvina Luna shared since her hospitalization
The photo that Silvina Luna shared since her hospitalization

In the extensive discharge that she published, she related her experience, perhaps with the aim of raising awareness among other women so that they do not make the same mistake. “Some time ago when I only identified with the body, trying to reach stereotypes of beauty with demand and achieve certain perfection, I got into one that changed my life. For a long time I lived my life through the lens of this situation, and everything turned gray. Today, far from victimizing myself, I choose to walk through this on my feet as the warrior that I amIt is my fight, and I will continue without losing my joy ”, he stressed.

In that sense, he revealed the consequences that he still suffers today after that intervention. “It is a condition that accompanies me, it is a priority yes, but it does not determine me, I choose every day to build happiness, to be thankful for this life and to understand that I am much greater than what happens to me. Obviously I would have liked to have this wisdom before that bad choice I made, “he said. And she was hopeful: “I still believe, in which the right medicine will appear, the doctors, the technology to be able to correct all this, I continue to learn to live with the uncertainty of not knowing how it will evolve but taking each day as a gift ”.

On the other hand, he referred to the judicial situation he faces with Lotocki. “I made the complaint 8 years ago and the oral trial is just now taking place. It is a situation that also mobilizes me, I choose to trust that what happened will be clarified. It is important not only for me, but for many victims who continued to appear throughout all these years, ”he emphasized. And he concluded: “It was hard for me to open my heart and tell you this, but it cuts through me in everything that I am and I feel that doing it this way is allowing me to resonate with all of you. Thank you for accompanying from there every day! ”.

At the end of October, Luna had been confident that Justice would rule in her favor. “That changed my life, my priorities and my lifestyle, my diet, my way of taking care of myself to find a better way to live, with one condition, but that does not determine my life because for a moment it was. , but I was able to move on. I have already presented everything that I had to present in court. And I think the experts should have disabled his license“, Said at that time in The Morning Angels.


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